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Donations and Support

Single mother and two sons

Your support is needed to enable us to expand our capacity to represent the increasing number of people who need our services right now and in the years to come. 

Legal Aid of Western Michigan provides access to justice for thousands of poor people who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn for help with legal crises—when domestic violence or terrible housing conditions endanger personal health and safety, landlords and predatory lenders take advantage of the less fortunate, or when disabled persons are denied the rightful access to medical care and supportive services.

The Need has always exceeded the available resources and continues to grow--and funding for Legal Aid has increased less than 1% per year from 2001 – 2008 (while the average cost of inflation is 2.7% per annum).  Legal Aid is working hard to maintain current services, while struggling with the increased costs of providing services. . .more on this

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If you are an attorney

If you are an attorney, you can also donate your time and expertise to Legal Aid. Visit our Pro Bono section

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