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Homeownership Preservation Project

Legal Aid Attacks Foreclosure Crisis

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Find links and information here about Legal Aid of Western Michigan's project to help people facing homelessness as a result of foreclosures.


Step Forward


Step Forward Michigan can provide up to $30,000 of assistance to pay catch up on mortgage payments OR property taxes for qualified homeowners, but you need to apply NOW! The program will CLOSE to new applications after December 31, 2015, so you must apply before that date.

Apply today at


!!Important Information for Michigan Homeowner's!!


According to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), the number of foreclosures in  Michigan went from 22,369 in 2005 to 103,829 in 2007 -- a whopping 364 percent increase.  More on the crisis in West Michigan

In response, Legal Aid of Western Michigan is partnering with Legal Services programs, local housing counsellling agencies and other community partners to provide legal advice and assistance to homeowner's facing loss of housing due to foreclosure. More on LAWM activities

Our attorneys work closely with the housing counselors in our region to maximize the resources. Additionally, our project is a partner in the statewide legal services Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project.

Visit the website at


Homeowners should beware of solicitations! MSHDA certified housing

counselors and LAWM attorneys will work with you FOR FREE, allowing

homeowners to save their money to make their mortgage payments.

Additionally, MSHDA certified housing counselors and LAWM attorneys are
well trained in foreclosure prevention and are accountable to
homeowners and funders. Many of the solicitations homeowners will
receive are scams and will take your money but not offer any real
assistance. Others may be legitimate, but will still require homeowners
to pay a substantial amount, often more than $1000, for that
assistance, when similar if not better assistance is available for free.



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