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LAWM response to crisis

More on activities of the project

LAWM's Home Ownership Preservation Project provides a full range of services to the community focusing on four areas:

Project attorneys litigate affirmative lawsuits on behalf of individuals against mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers, and appraisers. The importance of this work cannot be overstated because, due to Michigan’s non-judicial foreclosure scheme, there is no court scrutiny over these matters and the burden is on the homeowner to affirmatively file a court case. Many homeowners are blind-sided by the process and at a loss as how to assert their rights or defenses. Foreclosure rescue scam operators are active throughout the region and aggressively solicit homeowners who are easily found due to the advertisement requirements in Michigan’s foreclosure law and our attorneys also may litigate those cases.

Our attorneys work closely with the housing counselors in our region to maximize the resources.  Click here to find a counsellor.

Additionally, our project is a partner in the statewide legal services Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project.

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