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Contacting Friend of the Court

Please contact the Friend of the Court in writing so that complete and accurate information is recorded in the case file.  Written communications between the FOC and the parties ensure a complete record is maintained.

Requests for enforcement of child, spousal, or medical support, or enforcement of parenting time, must be in writing.  Whenever communicating with the FOC, always include the case number assigned to your case, and keep your own copy.

Kalamazoo County Friend of the Court
201 West Kalamazoo Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3777

A drop box is available outside the North entrance (facing McDonald's) of the County Administration Building, which is checked each weekday.  You may use the drop box to leave correspondence or make child support payments.  DO NOT PLACE CASH IN THE DROP BOX.


September 2003


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