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Child Support through Prosecutor's office

You can obtain a referral through the Family Independence Agency (FIA) to the Family Support Division of the Prosecutor's office to obtain an order of child support.

The Prosecutor's office meets with clients who have been referred only on Tuesdays.  After your appointment, your spouse is scheduled for an appointment two weeks later.  If your spouse keeps his appointment, the Prosecutor should be able to have an order prepared and entered within two weeks.

It is important to remember that once you receive a copy of the true attested child support order, it takes about six weeks for you to start receiving child support checks through the Friend of the Court.

If you do not receive a child support check by then, DO NOT CALL THE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE.  Contact the Friend of the Court.

If you are the child support payor, you should begin paying child support payments upon entry of the order to prevent an accrual of arrears.  Until the Friend of the Court can begin to take your payments (they may not be able to accept them until they have an account set up in their computer) you should make payments directly to the child support payee, and KEEP RECEIPTS.  You will want to provide these to the Friend of the Court as soon as they are able to accept your payments, otherwise you will be charged an additional amount of child support toward an arrearage.

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