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Law Firm Participation

Law firm support and participation in our Pro Bono Program is an essential part of our success. Larger firms can provide expertise, resources, and help in ways that many individual practitioners as well as Legal Aid cannot.




  • Adopt a pro bono policy which will encourage the firm's attorneys to privide direct support by accepting case referals through the Pro Bono Program of Western Michigan; a suggested policy would provide credit for pro bono work that counts toward the attorney's billable hours.
  • Appoint an in-house pro bono coordinator who can act as the liaison with the Legal Aid Pro Bono Program and facilitate referrals as the in-house person will know the expertise and availability of staff to take a particular case or handle a specialized issue.
  • Make an annual contribution to the Access to Justice Fund for Legal Aid on behalf of the firm's lawyers as part of the annual budget; many firms do this now and these contributions provide a significant source of support for our Program.



For more information, please contact Paul Abrahamsen at 616-774-6078 to talk about these and other ways your firm can help!



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