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Reentry Law Project

About project and links to resources


The Reentry Law Project provides legal services to address the barriers to reentry for people with criminal records. 

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The Project focuses on four areas: 

  1. Representing low-income clients who have civil legal problems due to their criminal records.  We provide assistance with issues such as:
    • Expunging or correcting criminal records
    • Employment problems
    • Housing problems
    • Family law issues related to criminal records
    • Public benefits denials or suspensions
  1. Advocacy and impact litigation to promote the reintegration of people with records by targeting key barriers to reentry.
  1. Community education on reentry barriers. 
    • Extensive community education materials are available at
    • Presentations for social service providers, people with criminal records, and other community groups.
  1. Specialized legal training for attorneys on reentry law issues.


For assistance with expungement of a criminal offense, the State Bar of Michigan and the Michigan Courts have launched a  "self-help" website where you can find information about expungements and self help "toolkits"--including online forms that can help you determine if the offense can be expunged and complete the necessary court forms at 

LAWM may provide some assistance in cases where the conviction is an obstacle to employment, housing, education or other public benefits.

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